About Us

JOLT Joy of Learning Tutorials was established by Shyla N in the year 1982. It was founded with a focused vision to impart value based quality education irrespective of any social, financial status efforts are made to provide education at affordable cost with highly commendable results.

Tutorials are always started with an intention of educating them and tune up student’s future but this was started accidentally due to the encouragement and assistance of the relatives and neighbors.  But after the start the tutorials established better coaching to students and the name spread far across. But this was never expected to happen. This accident today is known for educating students and brightening their future.

The foundation of JOLT was given by Shyla N assisted by N. Vishalakshi which was later continued by her brother Nagendra N who is now educating more than 200 students every year. This was started around 25years back and has gained its popularity over the time.

The main intention of this is to impart education irrespective of any social, financial status of the student. This shapes not only their education but also brings about sincerity, punctuality and dedication among students creating a common culture.
The students here not put into mass but there are only redistricted students where each pupil is given individual attention.

·         Regular tests are conducted to students.

·         Restricted seats.

·         Best student of excellence well be awarded.

·         Healthy competition among students .